Weddings – wedding sand ceremony songs

The sand ceremony is a popular choice for beach weddings. The couple, and sometimes family members, pour sand into a container that symbolizes the joining together of the couple or family. The container makes a great memento of your wedding day.

Your officiant they may talk through the sand ceremony, or they may step back and let the photographer get some shots. Anytime there is a quiet spot in the ceremony, it’s nice to have some ambient music. We recommend having us play some soft music during the sand ceremony. We’ll fade out as soon as the sand ceremony finishes, and the officiant takes over. We can pick something appropriate, or you can choose from our wedding ceremony music list. Here are some songs we recommend.

wedding sand ceremony

Traditional wedding sand ceremony songs

  1. Ave Maria
  2. Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring

Non-traditional wedding sand ceremony songs

  1. A Thousand Years
  2. God Only Knows
  3. I Will
  4. I Can’t Help Falling in Love
  5. Perfect
  6. I’m Yours
  7. Somewhere over the Rainbow
  8. What a Wonderful World